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The Land of Leonardo

Vinci is located in the heart of Leonardo's Land,

the set of places and landscapes that have fueled visions and creativity

of the Tuscan genius, who was born and raised in these lands

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The village of Vinci,

located on the slopes of Montalbano

and surrounded by magnificent vineyards and olive groves,

it is inextricably linked to the memory of its most illustrious citizen, Leonardo da Vinci.


Vinci, in fact, represents a magical place and a strategic stop to visit the Land of Leonardo, observe the same natural landscapes,

remained largely intact,

and follow the same roads and streets that accompanied, nourished and inspired the genius of the young Leonardo.


In the center of the village, on which stands the Conti Guidi castle, built around the 11th century and called "Castle of the ship" due to its particular shape,

there is the Museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci as well as the famous sculpture "Imbalance" by Mario Ceroli, recently restored and refurbished.

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Anchiano is a small fraction of the Municipality of Vinci immersed in the green hills of Montalbano, and it is famous all over the world for being the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.


In fact, here is where Leonardo's birthplace is located, which can still be visited today,

pilgrimage destination

for thousands of tourists every year.


Anchiano represents a fundamental step

for all art lovers,

but also for those who love nature.

In fact, they pass through this small town

numerous paths and itineraries that allow

to fully discover the naturalistic beauty of the area,

and observe the typical shaded landscapes from which Leonardo drew inspiration,

and that he used to represent in his works.

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The hills of Leonardo

The Colli di Leonardo, made famous by Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, extend for about 16,000 hectares between the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia, including, in particular, the municipalities of Cerreto Guidi and Vinci.


Although the territory has been inhabited for centuries, the presence of man has not damaged this fantastic area, far from it. In fact, the man began the cultivation of vines and olive trees, which have helped to create that wonderful hilly landscape typical of Tuscany that makes millions of people dream and fall in love all over the world.


Today a destination for outdoor tourism enthusiasts,

the Hills are crossed by a dense network of hiking and cycling routes, including Il Leonardino.

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